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Everyday I will be sharing in my online journal, and I only asking that those who will commit to reading on a regular basis to subscribe to this website, in addition to being an active part. I encourage you to post comments on anything that grabs your attention, that way I will know know that someone is out there listening, and interested in what I have to say. This is my life, this is reality, I am here to be a blessing to you. Remember that your participation, appreciation, and support will encourage me to continue writing. 

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Virtuous Lady
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Author, Ordained Pastor and Evangelist, Intercessor, Prophetess, Writer, Radio Host and Editor. Founder of God's Woman of Excellence Ministries an extension of Fresh Manna Ministries Inc. Visionary of Prayer is my Passion Intercessory Prayer Ministry & Intercessors' Network and House of Prayer. CEO and Owner of Virtuous Lady's Enterprises.

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If you could ask Tracy any question what would it be?

Not sure


What do you like most about this website?

I Love the Transparency the most.

House of Prayer Ministries
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Praise the Lord



          JohnDavid was a born in Hindu family. A Village of srungavruksham, ThandangiMandal, East Godavari District Andhra Pradesh, South India. My whole families wereworshipping Idol Pakka.  We did not knowconcerning Jesus Christ. Then I was use to Alcohol, smoking and drinking oneway working social work always move to cinema, such a terrible wrongs I amdoing all village people are saying very bad man.  I was never listen which my father said thatgood things.  During that one spiritualpastor came to my Village.  He waspreaching the word of God, door to door evangelism giving conducted cottageprayers crusade meetings conducted, tracks distribution to everybody in Village of Srungavruksham, the Village people neveraccepted Gospel of Jesus Christ.


          Oneday pastor approached at me, He is given word of God to me, I was fighter withhim actually I do not like Christ; I am as a Barbarism very highly smoking& drinking. Misfortune my father was sick in 1996.  Un-able to carry him for his health, in asmuch as we are very poverty he was expired same year, I was anxiety more aboutmy father, village people are never comfort me, It was too much mourn, Duringthat suddenly pastor approached me given comfort said Bible verse, I was with pastorin God’s ministry everyday I use to read Bible one day early morning.  I have reading Bible the word of God Ps.118:8 touched my heart. Left my job dedicated to Christ ministry.  I had taken Baptism 1997, as soon as went in1997 Bangalorefor B.Th., studies, and 2001 I was came back to my birthplace. Got married,where we will be go do established church ministries praying to Godeveryday.  Then we were fasted 5 days day& night without taking food, God showed the vision on 4thday.  A place is belongs to harlotry (Asmall town).  Then we went visited doorto door but people are saying that already 6 pastors were left from the placeof harlotry because of place was as Sodom & Gomorrah is there and usingfilthy languages, banter, beat, bed lamite, surrounding withch craft pakkaidoltary most fornication.  When we wereheard suddenly socked and fear came. However we went by confidence on God Tuni place (which was God showed)by faith and doing Gods ministry independently without any supportorganization, we are taken rented hut (see picture Br. In vornadah Gods serviceconducted) Sunday school all night prayers once a month.  Fasting prayer every week in Friday.  By the Grace of God at present now 50 churchmembers, conducting cottage prayers, crusades so God is doing mighty miraclesamong sick people by the power of God, turn into Christ, conducting vowmeetings, tracks distribution door to door, conducting open meetings in streetsthose who really accepted personal saviour Jesus Christ.  We are given Baptism (Immersion) in the name ofJesus Christ

Pastor John David from India



Tracy Foreman
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47 years old
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My life is an open book waiting to be read by the world!

If you could ask Tracy any question what would it be?

When will you hit millionaire status?

What do you like most about this website?

The fact that this is truly "Myspace" - lol

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