Happy to be Nappy?

Posted on January 30, 2013 at 9:05 AM

Since the day I started growing my hair back, I decided not to wear it locked. I wanted to try something different. I knew going back to locking my hair was something I am familiar with, so deep down inside, I just didn't want to go back to the familiar. My hair is natural, no relaxers, or any other chemicals in my hair. I don't even use regular shampoo because of the harsh ingredients in it. I use Dr. Bronners when I need that extra clean feeling, and then on a regular basis I co-wash it. Now here is the deal; at first my hair started to grow back straight and really soft, I was happy because I just knew in my heart that it was going to stay that way. But as time when along it began to get thicker and thicker, I was like oh cool straight thick hair, I can deal with this. And then all of a sudden it started to curl up....tightly....and then it got kinky...very kinky...what we are used to calling nappy. UGH! I was like, "Oh, no! How am I going to deal with this stuff?" I know the trend now-a-days among black women is the "natural" look, but honey let me tell's a challenge! It would be days I would just look in the mirror in pure disgust and not even put a comb through my hair because I was scared it would hurt. I would lie in my bed and just pull on my hair in deep thought wondering, "What in the world have I gotten myself into?" My husband is so sweet, he told me that he really likes my hair because it's all natural, so then he would lie in bed with me and pull on my hair too. My son told me it looks like a big fluffy cloud and he thinks that it's cool. I was tempted to just lock it when I put finger coils in it for a nice style when I went to visit my family in North Carolina, but I'm not one to give up so easy. The other night, I had my husband laughing, I told him I looked in the mirror and my hair reminded me of Ole' Otis off the Martin Show back in the day, remember him? ROFL  - So am I happy to be nappy? Not yet, but I am really working on it!

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