Blessings, my name is Tracy Foreman, and I am an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am a happily married wife, proud mother, licensed cosmetologist, and successful business woman. God has truly been good to me, and each day I wake up, I see it as another opportunity to help someone else. I have been doing internet ministry since 2006, and I must say, it has been very fulfilling. I have utilized every media avenue available to reach the masses for the Kingdom of God. My ministry houses other ministries within, and I provide a platform that assists people in many different ways. Although, I have many websites, that I use for many purposes, I decided to create this special place in which I can call my own. Usually, I am always promoting others, but here you will find a wealth of information all about "me". There are messages that I carry in my heart on a daily basis, and this will be the place of my release. It is a known fact that when a person spends at least 15 minutes a day to write in their journal, it helps to relieve stress, clear a cloudy state of mind, and help to achieve goals. When I look at these factors, it makes me think about a type of healing therapy, and with all the responsibilities I have to tend to in my life, I need an outlet. This is why I have committed to writing in this online inspirational journal at least 15 minutes everyday, yes you read it right, I will be here everyday to share my thoughts and emotions with you. There may be days where I will create a post in which you can read, and then there will be days in which I will create a audio or video blog in which you can listen to or watch. But overall, I will be adding fresh new content daily. Many of you may ask, "Why make your personal business public for the world to see?" Well, people are hurting, and I feel that if I can open up the pages of my life to rescue someone from suicide, drugs, sexual abuse, or even death...keeping how I feel "secret" will only defeat the purpose of why God has set me free. My life is not my own, and I have been assigned to 'polish' and 'set' all the diamonds in the rough. Warning: This site is not for the faint at heart or religious people, I keep it real! I don't have time to sugar coat! Life can be cruel at times, and people need to hear the raw naked truth from someone who is not ashamed. I have been delivered from abuse, addiction, divorce, perversion, hatred, emotional turmoil, suicide, abandonment, homelessness, loneliness, and cancer. Now I stand as an instrument of praise, and I want Him to continue to use me for His glory. There is no respect of persons, because what He has done for me, He will surely do for you. So take it or leave it...the good, the bad, and even the ugly, I would like to personally welcome you to Tracy's [email protected] Feel free to make yourself at home, and please become a daily reader.

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